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Life Therapies

At Life Therapies, we help people to address and cope with a range of issues and feelings, such as an addiction, feeling low and unable to cope. Counselling and therapy can help us come to terms with the past; understand our feelings and reactions better; be better able to cope; overcome relationship problems; and help us find our own way into the future.

We offer specialist counselling and CBT delivered by therapists who work across cultures and languages, and have skills to understand your issues and help you to achieve a more balanced, healthier life. Our therapists receive clinical supervision in-house and are required to work within our ethical framework.

We offer both individual sessions and group work; the latter can be part of a structured programme or as one off psycho-education workshop. When you have your first session (which is the assessment consultation), a therapy plan will be worked out with you which may include both individual and group sessions depending on your needs and preferences.Therapy can be short-term (6 weeks) or long-term, and we can offer monthly check-ins after your therapy has finished.