Young People Services



Accelerated Support Team (AST) provides a rapid-response service to young people and their families. The key objective of AST is to divert young people from care system and to enable them to continue to remain with or return to their families whenever safe to do so. 

BAME Covid – 19 Pathfinder

We aim to support BAME young people, residents of Brent with their mental health particularly related to the impact of COVID 19.

Real Talk

REALTALK is free and confidential support service that empowers young people living in Brent with substance misuse issues to address the underlying causes of their substance misuse and its impact, enabling them in turn to manage and/or reduce usage.

Youth Offending Services

We provide support around substance misuse to young people and their parents / carers in Brent who are subject to out of court disposal as part of the London borough of Brent.