Real Talk

REALTALK is free and confidential support service that empowers young people living in Brent with substance misuse issues to address the underlying causes of their substance misuse and its impact, enabling them in turn to manage and/or reduce usage.

Our services will address the issues and impact related to misuse i.e. offending through a range of broad personal development activities such as

  • (psychosocial) mentoring
  • (psychoeducational) education
  • skills development.

Targeted early interventions we will provide a weekly schedule of targeted early 1-2-1 and group interventions with the YP and or their family that will address risk-taking behaviour and specific risk factors i.e criminal activity.

Available to: 14 – 21

Services offered in: Brent


Brent – The Design works, Park Parade, Harlesden NW10 4HT



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